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A very brief introduction about our company and its ambition.

Diamond Asset is a leading global asset management company managing assets for individuals and institutions around the world. As one of the world's leading emerging asset management company, Diamond Asset has strong relationships with individuals, corporates, institutions and financial intermediaries of all sizes and types.

About Us

About our company and its mission

Diamond Asset is a subsidiary of Diamond Asset Management Ltd, one of the leading Assets Managing company in the UK, incorporated in 2016. Diamond Asset operates as an Assets Manager and Investment Adviser and has grown to become one of the leading assets manager with several millions of dollars in funds under management for both individuals and institutions.

Diamond Asset offers it`s numerous client`s three (3) investment plans, ranging from 0.62% up to 0.98% daily for to 260 business days.

Diamond Asset boasts of an impressive track record of sustainable returns, while managing risk effectively to generate performance consistent with clients objective(s). Diamond Asset provides convenient service to it`s clients worldwide, with a passion for excellence. Diamond Asset is committed to offer its clients quality
service with real time online access to account information, dedicated relationship and personalized client services.

Diamond Asset is well capitalized and continues to leverage on its strong heritage, as to deliver unparalleled value to its clients.

Our Vision

To be our client`s first choice as leading assets manager in terms of size of funds under management, sustainable returns and security of assets.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide sustainable returns by developing an appropriate mix of assets classes that is consistent with the set investment objective(s) and risk profile(s) of our clients.

Investment Plans


  • Daily interest: 0.62%
  • Deposit Amount: $0.02 - $1,000
  • Investment Period: 220 business days
  • Deposit Cancellation: 30% fee
  • Principal Included: Yes


  • Daily interest: 0.84%
  • Deposit Amount: $10 - $10,000
  • Investment Period: 240 business days
  • Deposit Cancellation: 30% fee
  • Principal Included: Yes


  • Daily interest: 0.98%
  • Deposit Amount: $100 - $100,000
  • Investment Period: 260 business days
  • Deposit Cancellation: 30% fee
  • Principal Included: Yes
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